Pınar TERZİOĞLU Asst. Prof. Dr. Bursa Teknik University
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Chemistry Materials Science and Technologies Biomaterial Biomaterial Environmental and Sustainable Processes Polymer Science and Technologies Polymeric Materials


Dr. Pınar TERZİOĞLU is an Assist.Prof.Dr. in Polymer Materials Engineering Department at Bursa Technical University. Dr. TERZİOĞLU received her Ph.D. degree in Bioengineering at Yıldız Technical University in 2015. Dr. Terzioğlu's research interests includes fundamental studies in the interdisciplinary areas of (i) production and characterization biomaterials; (ii) waste and biomass valorization , (iii) production, characterization and surface modification of silica-based materials (silica, aerogel, zeolites and silicates), (iv) wastewater treatment (adsorption) and (v) polymer composites. Dr.TERZİOĞLU has several papers published in peer reviewed national and international journals/proceeding books. She has published 3 book chapters.


Bursa Teknik University
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