Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

1. Artvin Çoruh University Faculty of Forestry journal adheres to academic principles and ethical values ​​in its publication policy.
2. In evaluating the scientific articles sent to ensure ethical standards, the standards determined by the "Committee on Publication Ethics" and the principles determined in the YÖK "Scientific Research and Publication Ethics" Directive are taken into account.
3. All works submitted to the journal are evaluated for compliance with the ethical principles and standards of the journal.
4. Situations such as plagiarism, forgery, duplication (republication), distortion, slicing, unfair authorship are considered unethical behavior. Works that are found to be contrary to publication ethics standards during preliminary checks are not taken into consideration. If a discrepancy is detected at any of the article evaluation stages, the process is stopped and the work is returned to the author. If a discrepancy is detected in the published article, the article will be removed from publication.
5. If the work submitted to the journal is within the scope of "studies requiring ethics committee permission" in accordance with the articles of the TR Index criteria regarding Ethical rules and if the "ethics committee document" is not submitted in the submission, the work will be rejected.
6. In studies requiring ethics committee permission, information regarding the permission document (institution, date of permission, decision or issue number) must be clearly stated.
7. During the preliminary evaluation process of the articles, similarity rates are determined with the help of iThenticate software. In order for the works sent to the journal to be evaluated, the similarity rate must be at most 20%. The similarity rate in studies published only from postgraduate theses can be increased up to 30%.
8. Referee evaluations are carried out in accordance with the "Double Blind Referee" rule.
9. Responsibility for the views expressed in published articles belongs to the author.

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