Writing Rules

Submission of the article to the Journal means that it has not been published elsewhere before and that there is no attempt to publish it yet.
The whole article; It should be written in "Times New Roman" font, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, justified, and should not exceed 18 pages, including figures, graphics, photographs and charts.
A4 paper size should be used as the page structure, and a margin of 3 cm from the top and left, and 2.5 cm from the bottom and right should be left. Page and line numbers should be added to the article text. The article language must be Turkish or English.

Cover Page: It should include the article title (in the language of the article), the full names of the authors (without titles), the institutions they work for, and all contact information of the corresponding author (full address, e-letter and telephone and document valid numbers). The article title (should be located in the middle of the page) should be written in lowercase letters and bold, with the first letters in capital letters. Author names should be written in lowercase and surnames should be written in capital letters (in the middle of the page). Author institutions should be written in lowercase letters, with the first letters capitalized.
Abstract page: Article title, abstract (at least 100, maximum 250 words) and keywords (3-6) should be given in the language of the article. The same information should be given in the other language (in English if the article language is Turkish or vice versa). The summary should briefly include the rationale, objectives, method, findings and recommendations of the research.
Main Text: Main text of the article; Entrance; Material and Method; Findings (and Discussion); (Discussion and) Conclusion; It consists of resources sections.
All main section headings should be written in capital letters and bold, while subheadings should only have the first letter of the first word in capital letters and bold. (1. INTRODUCTION-2.1. Data Collection Method)
Headings and paragraph beginnings should start without indentation, and there should be a space between paragraphs.
Figures and tables should be placed in appropriate places within the article by giving figure and table numbers, table titles should be given at the top of the table and figure titles should be given below the figure. Figure and table titles should be as short and descriptive as possible. If the figure is a picture, it should be in high resolution, and if it is a graphic, it should be arranged in a way that is easy to understand. Only horizontal lines should be used in tables. Figures and tables should be centered on the page (horizontally), they should be 8 or 10 point size, provided that the table content is the same throughout the article, and they should be numbered consecutively within the text; Table text should be written at the top and figure text should be left-aligned at the bottom.
If the local names of the living species or species subject to the article are used, their scientific names should be stated where they are first mentioned in the text. For units, the international system of units should be used (The International Systems of Units, SI) and decimal expressions should be marked with a dot (.) (for example, 45.7% or 0.221).
Technical Notes: Contains ideas, supporting studies or preliminary results on existing techniques. In general, technical notes are shorter articles than articles, and there is no need to give a summary or specify keywords in these articles.

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